…an irresistible mix of pumping, danceable grooves, lush harmonies, and a setlist full of songs that you can’t help but want to dance to.

…five dynamic musicians who will create an exciting, energy-charged vibe for your event that your guests will be intoxicated by.

…a live show that will turn your guests into a bunch of dancing fiends on the dance floor, discarding heels and jackets and partying non stop until the night is over.

…more fun than anything ever should be!



There’s one key reason why Backbeat is the premier private function band in the Hunter: our commitment to our clients.
When you book Backbeat, you don’t just book another cover band that turns up, plays your function, and goes home.
You book a crew of talented, experienced, professional musicians who are as committed as you are to making your special event all that it can be. We plan our performance to work for your event. We continually read the crowd so that the next song we play keeps them on the dance floor, shakin it even harder than before!

Everything we do as a band is designed to ensure that you and your guests have the time of your lives.



We know that our reputation as one of the best private function bands in the Hunter depends solely on how much you and your guests enjoyed the show…so when we perform, we pull out all stops to ensure that you’ll be talking about this event for years to come.


Want to see us play before you book us?
Backbeat is solely a private function band. We don’t play public venues – just private events and parties. So unless you’re on the guest list, it’s tricky to get to see us live before your event.
However, we rehearse every week in a recording studio in the center of Newcastle, and we’d only be too happy for you to come along and have us put on your own private performance. That way you can hear for yourself why Backbeat is the premier private function band in the Hunter. We’ll make you a coffee, you can meet the band, and we can discuss with you in person what we can bring to your event.


LAUREN - Vocals
When Backbeat was first conceived, it was built on the idea of forming a band entirely of hand picked performers, all who shared the same focus, professionalism, and dedication to their careers. Whilst selecting a lead vocalist for a band is often the hardest job, for Backbeat, there was only one choice – Lauren Wheatley.

Lauren attended Brent Street Studios in Sydney when she was 18, graduating with distinction in all areas of performance including stage craft, acting, dance, and singing. Starring roles in both Grease: The Musical, and the Australian Premiere of High School Musical followed to much acclaim. Having continued to build an impressive career working nationally and internationally as an actor, singer, model, and dancer, Lauren has all the experience and professionalism needed to front Backbeat.

With personality, character, and charm to burn, Lauren’s performance is dynamic and exciting, and she’ll have your guests singing along to every song, from Jamiroquai to Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5 to Michael Jackson.

JOEL - Guitar
Some people are just meant to be on stage.
From the way he plays guitar, right down to the suits he wears, Joel is a performer through and through.

He was touring with bands before he even finished school, and has a dedication to his music that is rare to find. Playing so extensively around the country has honed his skills into a superb guitarist, with a deep love for what he does.

He can’t dance…but he can groove as well as the best of them. Add Joel’s decidedly funky guitar licks over a pumping drum and bass track, and you’ll be moving involuntarily. As soon as you hear him play and you’ll understand immediately.
He’s just damn good!

ADAM - Drums
There’s a very good reason why Adam Morris is the most frequently used session and live drummer in the Hunter Valley –he’s the best.

He’s been laying down beats for literally hundreds of different artists for over 20 years; he’s toured nationally and internationally with acts spanning almost every genre, from RnB to Pop, from Jazz to Rock; and that makes him the perfect choice to provide the beat for Backbeat.

There is simply nobody that brings more groove, energy, enthusiasm, and fun to their performance…but don’t take our word for it – check out a Backbeat show and see for yourself!

Drums and Bass.
They go together like cheese and wine.
One without the other is wonderful…but oh so much more wonderful when combined.

Steve takes the beat laid down by the drums, and adds another element of groove so that, even if you didn’t want to dance to that particular song, you just don’t have a choice. You’re compelled to. That blend of intoxicating rhythms Is simply irresistible.

With a career that has seen him work in bands locally and in the UK and Europe, including a number of years with the late Urban Groove, Steve has everything we could ask for in a bass player.

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